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SCHEBA GmbH wood manufacture is a medium-sized company in Eschelbach in Upper Bavaria, in Pfaffenhofen county, Germany. In the course of year, SCHEBA has developed in two directions:


The first direction is windows, door and wooden floor/parquet branch. In this scope of business activity, construction elements from known brand manufacturers and hardwood floor are sold to building contractors and house modernisers.

The second direction is production of high-quality hardwood floor that are sold to distributors and customers. Another branch is job order production for parquet industry. In this case, SCHEBA provides subproducts for known parquet manufacturers.


WEIN-DESIGN - Scheba GmbH, Am Anger 1, D-85283 Eschelbach, Bavaria, Germany


WEIN-DESIGN manufacturer since 2008.

In 2008 Peter Scheuerer started using hardwood of red wine old barrels in production of floor and furniture. After difficult beginnings, this branch of activity developed positively. In contrast to automatic production, here the exclusive floor, wall coverings, door, furniture and decorative accessories are handmade only, through laborious work. These unique and high-quality products are offered by SCHEBA company under the brand-name “WEIN-DESIGN®” to exclusive customers interested in introducing exceptional and unique elements into design of their interiors.