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Winedesign-Interiors NEWS


Handicraft with love for detail. Original. Unique.

Created by nature, masterfully refined.

Production of WEIN-DESIGN elements ensues in several steps and is a hard handwork. Raw material does not correspond to any measure standards. It is how nature has created it, coated with patina and shaped over time. That is why each element is original and unique.


Authentic surfaces. Created by nature.

None product of WEIN-DESIGN is processed and produced artificially or is visually manipulated. Peter Scheuerer guarantees it saying: “Even if someone will hit the wood with a chain or drill wormholes again, never is going to obtain such structures and colour variations” (as in natural barrel wood – note). Not to mention the spirit of wine, which the oakwood internalizes.


Production of WEIN-DESIGN elements


Handmade piece by piece. Made in Bavaria.

After careful dismantling of barrel, the inner and outer barrel staves are separated, then sorted and brought back to a flat and smooth form. Then, straight barrel staves are cut and with love for detail put together to a greater surface, just like puzzles. Gluing of plywood with contrasting smooth oakwood provides stability. Decorative elements are mounted with other materials such as stainless steel, glass or natural stone in a complete piece of art. The surface is not sanded but brushed and impregnated with hard oil only in order to preserve the native colour and structure of timber.


Bilateral staves arrangement

Bilateral staves arrangement.

In order to receive single staves rounding, individual barrel elements are joined adversatively.









Movie - the production of Wein-Design


From the wine cask to the finished product.

A Movie from the Bavarian-TV.  To the Movie.


Protected trademark.

Wein-Design products are protected in type and look and are subject to European registered design protection.